The Mayflower Renaissance - Diana and Wes

What do you do when your limo leaves you stranded in Georgetown on your wedding day? If you're me you most likely start weeping uncontrollably. If you're Diana and Wes, you walk down a crazy long flight of stairs and over a few blocks, in full wedding attire, not typically designed for comfort, and hail a cab. En route to the hotel, I was in complete awe of how they handled what could have been a stressful situation. I thought to myself, these two are absolutely amazing together. I think the cab driver knew it too, because when we got to the hotel, he said that the ride was on him.


Wes and Diana were married in a beautiful ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church followed by the reception at the Mayflower Renaissance. Family and friends came from near and far to celebrate their union, and a fabulous team of vendors worked tirelessly to bring their wedding day vision to life. The day was nothing short of perfection.

I am beyond thrilled that my friend Diana has found her special someone, and am so happy that I could fly back to spend the day with her, Wes, and their families. I also got to catch up with a few faces I hadn't seen in a while, which made the day extra wonderful.

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture the day! Here are some moments from the day.

 photo DianaandWes-4087.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-4166.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-106-1.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4377.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4380.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-100.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-4576.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4633.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4615.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4199.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4482.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-101-1.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4658.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4676.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4688.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4425.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4745.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-4881.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-4984.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-5448.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5197.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-102.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5483.jpg

Special thanks to my second shooter, Sharon for capturing this awesome mother-son shot!

 photo Diana-Wes-4054.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-5500.jpg
 photo DianaandWes-5486.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-103.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5870.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5725.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5671.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5581.jpg
 photo Wes-Collage-109.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5602.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-104-1.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-5642.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes_Sharon-4216.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes_Shannon-4087.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6050.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6232.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6234.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6339.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6343.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6254.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6329.jpg
 photo Diana-Wes-6212.jpg

Venue: The Mayflower Renaissance
Florist: Bergerons Flowers and Events
Makeup+Hair: Ana B - Makeup Artist
Cake: Fluffy Thoughts
Reception Music: 'Round Midnight
Second Shooter: Sharon Natoli

Buck Hill Falls Wedding - Ashley and Brendan

There are many reasons to be absolutely in love with this beautiful Buck Hill Falls wedding. First is -- of course -- the lovely bride and groom, Ashley and Brendan. They planned an amazing day. It was a true celebration family and friends, with a little wedding ceremony thrown in for some added excitement. When I asked what the most important thing to them was, it was that they wanted everyone to have an amazing time. Well, I can say this with complete certainty, "Mission accomplished!" Everyone had a LOT of fun. Good call on The Dustbowl Revival. Those guys brought down the house, built it back up, then brought it down again. :)

The second reason to be in love with this wedding is the venue. Not only is Doe Run Farm absolutely gorgeous, but it has been in Ashley's family for a very long time and thus holds a special place in her heart. They transformed the space, made it their own, and mother nature did the rest. It was absolutely perfect.

During his speech, Brendan said he was in love with Ashley before he'd even met her. I think it is so rare that you wish for something and not only get your wish, but find its better than you could have hoped for. Ashley and Brendan have something amazing between them and my wish for them is that their life together is always better than they could have hoped for. They are truly beautiful, inside and out, and I am so honored to have been a part of their wedding day.


 photo Ashley-Brendan-1785.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding1.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-1843.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-1902.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding2.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2260.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-1943.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-1932.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2860.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2097.jpg
 photo DSC_2545-2.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2335.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2347.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2376.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2405.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-2421.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-2564.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding15.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2605.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding5.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2886.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding13.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding16.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-3021.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding-3066.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-3103.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-3120.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding11.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2858.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding10.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding-3592.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-3503.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-3570.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding7.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-3536.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2066.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding8.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2045.jpg
 photo PoconosWedding9.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-2731.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-4106.jpg
 photo Ashley-Brendan-4030.jpg

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