Hi and welcome to my page! I'm Kara Coleen and I absolutely love capturing and sharing life's most important moments. It helps that all of my clients are the most amazing people I've ever known! Yes, ALL! Its why I love my "job" so much.

I'm a Los Angeles native raised in the South Bay. I've also lived in London, New York, DC... I even got a taste of Southern livin' when I lived in North Carolina for two years for business school. Still LA kept calling me back, and I had to answer that call.

When I'm not rockin' my giant Nikon around my neck, I like to go on mini adventures in LA, either taking a trip to a museum, or going on a hike with friends, or seeing live music. I love exploring this awesome city! I'm a big classic movie fan (TCM is my jam) and my two favorite podcasts when I'm sitting on the 405 or 110, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" or "Stuff You Missed In History Class". And I'm a sucker for the three C's: Cocktails, Cupcakes and Chocolate.


I like to live my life by one simple mantra - "Happiness isn't the destination, its the journey. "

My Story

My junior year of high school I went on a two week school trip to France. My mother entrusted me with her new SLR Canon and I, upon my return, presented her with 11 rolls of film that needed developing. No questions asked, she developed every roll, every picture whether it was of a chateau in the Loire Valley, the beaches at Normandy, or a sleeping classmate on the bus... with duplicates. She recognized my love of photography from a very young age and always encouraged it. While I continued to document life's moments through the eye of the lens, it would be years before assuming the title of "Photographer". Until a few years ago, it was just one of those things I just did without the label.

Then Facebook happened. Tagging happened. I started getting emails from friends asking me to send them the photos I'd posted. And I realized something. Everyone loves having their moments captured, but not everyone necessarily wants to do the capturing. Whereas I do. I love it in fact.

And so began my career in wedding photography. Now that I've been a professional photographer for over 8 years, I can truly say I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. With each wedding I shoot, I take away something new about life, love and family, and I feel that much more connected to the people around me.

Please feel free to contact me anytime! I look forward to shooting your next big moment!


~ Kara Coleen ~